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How many visits will I need?

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This will depend on:- Your condition How severe it is How long you have had the condition How you respond to treatment How much of your chiropractor’s advice you follow. The chiropractor will review your progress regularly and you will be asked to give your consent to any changes to your treatment plan. They will discuss [...]

Will the treatment hurt?

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Chiropractic treatment is usually painless unless an area is inflamed (swollen). If this is the case your chiropractor will alter the treatment. Some patients have mild reactions such as temporary aches and pains after their spine or joints have been manipulated or after exercising. It is important that you talk to your chiropractor if you feel [...]

What is chiropractic treatment?

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Depending on your condition, the chiropractor may: - Manipulate parts of your spine or joints. Mobilise and massage joints and soft tissues. Use other treatment modalities appropriate to suite your needs and give you advice on exercise, diet and lifestyle.